I am a artistic, dynamic, innovative woman.  I really enjoy creating permanent makeup solutions that are designed to look natural and improve your self confidence, body image or lifestyle.  All treatments I perform are designed specifically for you……the individual.

We all have different needs and desires as well as facial features, body structures and skin tones; my goal is to help you achieve the best, most natural, positive outcome.

I am an artist,  as such I always strive to create the most customized treatment solution to suit your desired outcome. Eyebrow treatments are a perfect example of this;  I have a varied array of techniques, ranging from 3D hair stroke brows, to soft, powdery, delicate brows.  Sometimes it is a combination of these techniques that I use to create the most natural brow to suit your  needs.

Everyone is different when it comes to their desired result. It is my goal to work with you to create a natural, flattering look whether you desire something very subtle, or more pronounced.