What is Microblading?

Microblading, Also known as ” 3D eyebrows”, “Eyebrow Embroidery”, ” Hair like Stroke” or Micro stroking” Is a Semi- Permanent method of creating realistic, hair like stokes on the eyebrows. This method uses only a manual hand tool and cosmetic tattoo pigments for a natural appearance.

How long does the Microblading procedure take?

A typical Microblading appointment lasts 2 hours. This includes a thorough consultation, Numbing process, Microblading procedure and after care instruction.


How do you pick the shape?

Here’s the thing, I don’t think all brows were created equal, nor do I think one brow shape looks great on everyone! Each face is so different!  If you already are committed to a certain shape and love your brows that way I ENCOURAGE you to arrive with them already done, and after a little measuring to make sure, we will Microblade them on YOUR WAY. If you are up in the air, but afraid I’ll give you a way-to-fancy shape I also encourage you to draw in what you are used to and like day to day so I can get a feel for what you’re maybe comfortable with. For the rest who are unsure it’s totally fine to arrive without makeup as well and we start from scratch! We do NOT begin microblading until you are comfortable with the shape. I also allow you to take peaks throughout the procedure to ensure we are on the right track!
How long does Microblding last?

The million dollar question! On average I’d say 1+years. Some people more or less. Everyone is SO different.  Each person has different skin types, and daily routines that can greatly impact the longevity of Microblading. Generally dry skin holds the pigment best, while oily skin and larger pores  may require more maintenance. Sun exposure is also another huge one! Just like tattoo’s fade so will microblading ( Only faster since it doesn’t go as deep) follow post care instructions for the best results!

Why do you recommend a touchup?

Touchups are needed in almost every client. Some people retain the pigment well, others not so much. It’s very unpredictable. Results are not guaranteed on anyone for this reason. I preform the techniques that produce the best results, however its up to your skin to keep it! Oily skin, large pores, those who sleep a lot on their face, sweating in excess ( this means the gym or sauna often too) or those who are out in the sun a lot typically require much more maintenance. It doesn’t rule you out for Microblading though!! This is why Your Favorite Salon offers the 12 month $75 discount!
 Is Microblading painful?
Truthfully, the answer is sort-of. You do get numbed during the procedure using a topical anesthetic. Some have experienced little to no pain, others said the pain level was much stronger. It depends highly on how well you respond to the numbing cream, and pain tolerance. The numbing cream does get reapplied through out the procedure, however you may still feel some discomfort. Trust me, all worth it in the end for new brows!
How long does it take to heal?

After the first session, the initial healing process will take 7-11 days. Then your brows will go through a cycle of natural exfoliation. At first they may appear darker, then as the new skin forms it can cover a lot of the strokes. Once this natural exfoliation sets in they may even reemerge thicker. THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL. After 6 weeks you are considered fully healed and a touchup can be scheduled at this time. Microblading can heal  about 30%  lighter, keep that in mind upon color selection, especially if you have dark hair.

Is there any down time after procedure? Do I need to take off work?
No, directly after the procedure you are free to resume your day – with fabulous brows of course! Just keep up with your post care instructions!
Why can’t you guarantee results?
As you’ve read above, Microblading is very different for everyone! Although only the best techniques are used prompting the best results, each person heals differently. This maybe due to natural factors such as skin types or even due to a lack of post care, but once you leave the salon – it’s out of my hands and into yours! However I will remind you we want everyone to LOVE their new brows after investing so much into them, which is why we offer only $75 touchups for an ENTIRE YEAR! This includes spot treatment, or if you just feel like making the whole brow darker  or fuller!
Do I have to shave my eyebrows?

Not at all! In fact keeping the natural hair only gives Microblading an even more realistic illusion!

What If I don’t have any Hair?
Don’t worry Microblading is Still for you! If anything it was created for you! This is what its all about, creating a perfect shape to enhance appearance!

Can I wear makeup the day of Microblading?

Yes! you may wear makeup, please be advised some of it may get wiped off during Microblading. If you have a particular brow shape you love and want microbladed please come with it filled in to your liking! If you really have no idea that’s okay too! will sit you in front of the mirror and try a few things until you are satisfied with the shape before we even begin!
Does the natural hair grow back?

YES! of course it does, Microblading does not cause permanent hair removal, so once you leave our facility then its up to you to keep them trimmed and maintained. Please do not wax until fully healed.

Will I still need to fill in my eyebrows after with makeup?

Microblading is a procedure that creates natural hair-like strokes. We can give you more of a full natural look, however if your like the drawn in glam powdered look you will still need to draw them in.  Microblading also helps with having a solid template to draw them in as well!

What if I am pregnant?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to preform microblading on you (this includes touchup if you get pregnant after procedure). Please wait until after pregnancy to have the service done.

What’s the difference between Microblading and Permanent Makeup?

As mentioned Microblading uses a manual hand tool. Permanent makeup uses the traditional Tattoo machine. Microblading does not go as deep as a tattoo which is why it can fade faster. However, the chance of scarring and discoloration greatly decreases with Microblading, and the appearance is more natural.